Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do I Have to Love my Neighbor??

I'm surprised I haven't shared with you my woes about my upstairs neighbor. Bless his heart, we're friends and I like him in general, but my heavens is he interesting. In addition to taking the "Hey Neighbor, can I borrow a cup of sugar?" thing to dangerous extremes (as he's borrowed everything from toilet paper, to a plunger, to a band-aid, to a fork), he's now got this new girlfriend with a blue car. I mention the car only because they sit in said car all day and all night. Seriously. Last night I came home at six and they were sitting in the car. When I left for dinner, still in the car. When I took out my trash around eleven, guess where they were? Yep. Sitting in the car. A few weeks ago, when they first started dating, they'd sit and make-out in the car all day and night, but now they just sit there. I don't understand this behavior. At all. I mean, he lives alone, what's preventing them from walking ten feet into his apartment? Who does that? When I asked him about it last week, he said sometimes his apartment is too hot. Um, OK. I can understand that in the summer. Perhaps. But, it's September, it's cool, and it's raining. So freaking bizarre!!!


BeatlesDiva said...

I so love Maxine. That's one funny comic! Thanks for the laugh.

MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Ummmm could you get some pics of this strange behavior?!!! LOL