Friday, September 5, 2008

Bowling is Fun Fun Fun

We had a lot of fun bowling yesterday. My team cracks me up. We don't really care if we beat the other team, but we always want to beat each other. We enjoy mocking each other when we lose (because we're nice like that). Of course, we played the bitchiest team in the league - but at least we got it out of the way for now. I don't know what's wrong with those girls, they need some serious attitude adjustments (perhaps they've got perpetual migraines?? It's the only explanation I'll accept). I thought I'd take some pictures of everyone doing their favorite things while bowling - Empey having some brewskis, Laurie bowling a "Butler" (which is her last name and what we've lovingly deemed splits, as she is notorious for bowling Butlers), and me crocheting (of course). McB and McP stopped by to enjoy all the trashy goodness of the bowling alley. McP was a big hit with everyone. Perhaps she's a future bowler?

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BCassFam said...

Wow I am intrigued by this Miss Connections thing. Do keep me updated. I will be home tomorrow.