Wednesday, June 22, 2016

R.I.P. "The Purple Lady"

"The Purple Lady" was such a legend in our hometown. I remember seeing her at the grocery store and following her around completely mesmerized, and driving by her house to see if her lawn was purple. There were so many myths and stories about her (like she colored her dog purple and named her daughter Violet - which are probably not even true), but my favorite thing was that the TV show, "That's Incredible!" said she had purple toilet paper. One day in high school, I was driving down Santa Maria Way in my pink bug which said, "Pinky" on the back (thanks Gerry Starowicz) and I passed "The Purple Lady" in her purple station wagon which had a license plate cover that said, "The Purple Lady." We both looked at each other and respect for our color love. RIP Purple Lady.
On a related note, how bad-ass is it that her obituary called her "The Purple Lady"?!?! So cool!

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