Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pinky's Fandance - Ricky Schroder

It's no secret that my love for Ricky Schroder is deep and true and has been since 1982. Hey, I'm a loyal girl, what can I say?
For the longest time, I've been telling Keith that the picture I wanted most of all was a group shot with him and Ricky. So, when we saw that SAG was having a screening of Coat of Many Colors along with a Q&A with the cast, I jumped at the chance to go! How could I resist?

The first picture was the one we took with my camera inside the event. It's....fine. But, as luck had it, Ricky happened to be walking to his car right as we were walking by outside, so how I resist another shot? I'm SO glad I asked because it's the best pic of all! Even better? Check out young Ricky on my shirt checking out today's Ricky. Love it!

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