Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rent This: How to be Single

How to be Single was released into theaters around Valentine's Day and totally looked like something we'd enjoy. So, when it came out in Redbox this week, Keith surprised me with the DVD rental (thanks, babe!!!). 
Surprisingly, despite over-playing all the ads and a lot of the funniest parts, I really enjoyed this film. The only confusing part was that Alison Brie (who's shown on the far left in both of these posters) has basically zero interaction with any of these girls aside from making eye contact with one in a bar. They're not all friends who hang out. Two of them are, but one is an older sister, who also isn't really out and about with them. So, I feel like the poster and all the ads are rather misleading.
It was a lot of fun and had some definite laugh-out-loud moments. If you feel like laughing, I recommend this movie. :)

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