Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ricky Schroder Picture FAIL

So, before I show you the tragedy which are my Ricky Schroder individual pictures, let's focus on the positive....
For Ricky's birthday in April, I posted this cute little #tbt showing a picture of Ricky and Keith when they were on Silver Spoons together.
After we saw Ricky the other day, he not only liked our joint picture together, but he liked my #tbt pic. Score!
As we've already discussed, after the screening the other day, Keith and I were able to nab this great picture with Ricky. But on our way to our car, we ended up passing by right as Ricky was getting into his car. How could I resist not asking him for a pic on my iPhone?
Sadly, none of our shots came out. NOT ONE.
Keith had gone ahead, since it was super hot and we'd already gotten a picture with Ricky.
But then Ricky started teasing me going, "Oh, without the hubby this time?"
Oops. Apparently, I'm very photogenic. HA!
Thankfully, Keith took pity on me and came back for this amazing shot. My new fave!

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