Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pinky's Fandance - Lana Parrilla

As much as I love Once Upon a Time, I have to admit that I hate Lana Parrilla's character, the Wicked Queen. Of course, that's kind of the point, right? I mean, you're not supposed to like her. She's the villain. Duh.
In person, however, Lana is a total sweetheart. I've noticed how cool she is on Twitter and how she seems genuinely fan-friendly and not fake-fan-friendly like some people (ahem, Molly Ringwald, ahem). Not only does she interact with her fans all the time, but she calls them her "Evil Regals." As she was being rushed when she arrived and her people tried to tell us she couldn't stop, I made sure to drop in how we were her "Evil Regals" and she literally gasped and squealed with delight. She was SO stoked! It was awesome. Thanks, Lana!

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