Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Love You, Benicio Del Toro

As we all know, yesterday was Benicio Del Toro Day and I made my way over to the premiere armed with my Benicio necklace (which I featured yesterday) and this gigantic sign.
It's good that I'm subtle, right? As we had hours and hours of waiting, I made sure to wave the flag in the sight of the publicists to make sure they saw it and would, hopefully, bring him close to me (in case he somehow missed the sign). Fortunately, he saw the sign as he was driving in and when he got out of the car he ran right over to me. I tried to show him the sign, my necklace, I tried to speak, but just like our last encounter, not much came out.
I like to call this picture, "I love you, Benicio. Did you know you're my #3? My heart beats for you. Do you remember when my hair caught on fire? That one time? At Band Camp?" Of course none of those things actually came out of my mouth. I don't even know if I was saying words.
This was another attempt at getting him to look. Um, he is quick! Every time he'd look up, I'd click the camera, then he'd look down. Every. Single. Time.
By the third try, my crazy was starting to show. Look at my face. I'm halway to Crazy Town, passenger of one.
And here we are, folks, Pinky has firmly arrived in Crazy Town about to Lose. Her. Damn. Mind.
If this miracle hadn't happened, my head might have actually exploded. Operation Benicio Del Toro = SUCCESS!!!

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