Thursday, June 7, 2012

Desperately Seeking Corin Nemec

Earlier this week I received notice that none other than Corin Nemec, otherwise known as Parker Lewis from my beloved Parker Lewis Can't Lose, was on a list for an event last night. Yes, it's entirely possible that I squealed when I saw his name because I never see it anywhere (except my dreams). The bad news? Not only was the location in downtown LA (which I avoid like the plague), but I was going there alone, and it was during the fourth game of the Stanley Cup finals, which meant Traffic Hell. In other words, I must have REALLY wanted to meet Corin Nemec to subject myself to these circumstances.
Sadly, he never showed up. Well, that's what I thought. Apparently he did and I missed him. Curses! But, as I waited outside the stupid building, I started thinking back to where my crush on Corin began and it made me laugh. First of all, like always, is the baby-faced and beautiful Ricky Schroder (as you probably know, everything begins and ends with Ricky in the Land of Pink).  
Next up? My big crush on the insanely gorgeous and talented Nick Rhodes.
A few years later, Corin Nemec starred on Parker Lewis Can't Lose and the only thing I lost was my heart when I saw him. I feverishly watched everything he ever starred on and would love the opportunity to meet (and possibly interview?) him. Darn my bad luck this week!
After Corin came Jonathan Brandis, may he rest in peace. He was such a pretty face.
Lately, of course, my hearts beat for Chord Overstreet (who seems to be hiding from me, as every collector I've ever met has seen him...that is, except for me). Sheesh, look at all these pretty faces....someone has a type!
And here's Corin Nemec in a picture from last night. Kill. Me. Now. HOW DID I MISS THIS??!!!? I realize I shouldn't care, but I feel like crying to have missed him after waiting so long. Don't judge me.

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