Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Meredith Scott Lynn

In case you're wondering why Meredith Scott Lynn looks familiar, it's because she's been on everything from The Facts of Life to CSI. You probably know her best as the lesbian character on Legally Blonde, but then again, who knows. She's been on so many things, you could know her from any / all of them.
The first time I saw Meredith at Sundance a million, trillion years ago, it was long before I was getting many picture because I was super shy about asking celebs for pictures. She was standing near me in a line and I just could not pull it together to ask her for a picture. I think we were lame enough to have me sort of pose near her and then we were going to take that shot. I think she finally figured out what we were doing and was like, "Are you serious? Let's do this." She was incredibly nice and cool and ended up chatting with me and my friend for awhile. I adored her and wanted to be BFFs.
A few weeks ago I saw Meredith again at a premiere for her new film. I was super excited to see her as it's been a long time and I'm no longer that shy kid trying to force photo ops. I'm happy to report that Meredith is still as cool as ever - plus, does she ever age?

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