Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinky's Full Report: Savages Movie Premiere

Yesterday I spent, well, pretty much my entire day (minus the morning spent at work) waiting for the celebrity arrivals at the premiere of the what-looks-to-be-amazing movie, Savages. I. Could. Not. Wait. As someone who'd been on a self-imposed hiatus of sorts from my celebrity enthusiasm, this was something I was really, really excited about. Taylor Kitsch! Blake Lively! John Travolta! And, most importantly, Benicio Del Toro!!!! How could you go wrong, right?
I arrived in Westwood around 1:15. Usually this is plenty of time to secure a good spot, but by then the rail was about 3/4 full. You see, at premieres, there's a "drop zone" where the celebs get out, and they generally cross over to the fans waiting right across from wherever they're dropped. The goal is to stand as close to the drop zone as possible, for fear they won't do the entire line. Some celebs are known for doing whole barricades, all four corners, the works, but others, well....others do maybe five signatures and leave. You just never know.
My friend had held a spot for me, but he wasn't sure if it was close enough to get Benicio. Then another friend offered me a spot near him, which was much closer to the drop zone, but it would be cramped quarters and madness. Plus, my friend Liz was going to join me and support me in my quest for Benicio. I couldn't decide what to do.
This is basically the view you get from the rail until the premiere starts. You look at this All. Day. Long. I grabbed a spot near the end of the rail, but it was farther than either original spot and no one thought Benicio would make it that far down. No one. Liz and I decided to try our luck way up on the corner - it was technically farther down than the drop zone, but if a celeb was "starting on the end" it'd be the logical place to start. Plus, we'd see their cars coming in and I had this huge sign to wave for Benicio that he'd just have to see, right?
I'll tell my Benicio story in a different post (because it demands its own story), but here's a picture I found online that I wanted to use to illustrate to you the chaos, the craze, and so you can kind of get an idea about how it all works (without actually being there). This is Benicio signing autographs. In the right corner is one of the places I could have stood (and those are my good friend Scotty and Mikey looking all calm and obedient holding their signs). Where my pink arrow is shows you how far down the barricade we actually were.
There goes Benicio signing and signing and signing away...making it ALL the way down the line to everyone's surprise. Again, it's always a crap shoot, you never know where the best place will be, and you're always going to miss someone.
Salma started at the drop zone and went the opposite way from us. Fail.
John Travolta decided he'd rather stand and awkwardly make-out with his beard wife instead of coming over to greet his adoring fans. His "people" said it was because of all the tabloid scandal. Um, shouldn't that make you want to do it more, not less? Just saying.
Blake Lively looked AMAZING but, sadly, went the other way.
Taylor "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" Kitsch started on the far end (the opposite of everyone - we never even saw him arrive) and then stopped midway down. When we called for him, he said, "I'll be right back! I'm coming back! I promise!" Guess what? HE NEVER CAME BACK!!! This is now the third time I've gone out for him and, once again, no Taylor. We even waited until the movie ended and then waited at the after-party until almost 10:30 at night....still, no Taylor. Everyone tells me he's like the nicest guy in the world, yet every time I go out for him....Fail. Boo!

Overall it was still a fun, yet looooong and hot, day and it was fairly successful - especially where we ended up standing. Had I arrived at like 10 a.m. I would've had a better spot, but, oh well. It was a success and the others will be around. I'm not worried.

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