Friday, June 22, 2012

Ahh Bra Is NOT Ahhmazing

Now, I'm the first person to admit that I HATE HATE HATE wearing a bra. I'm aware that I need to when I'm out in public, but I do so begrudgingly and show my disdain by wearing the most comfortable (read: the least amount of support and therefore practically non-existent) bras around.
So, when I saw the Ahh Bra advertised, I thought it was my lucky day. Finally I was going to have the best of both worlds - comfort (for me) and support (for my mom, basically, since she's the one who seems to be the most displeased with my choice in undergarment support - or lack thereof).
A few weeks ago I ordered the bra and anxiously awaited its arrival. I was just sure my breasts would look as lovely as the ones shown on the advertisement. This was going to be the answer to all my bra woes. This was going to be magical, though not really economical (well, it's less than a "normal" bra, but more than a sports bra). And it was going to feel as though I wasn't wearing a bra, which would be the best thing ever.
Sadly, this was not the case. This bra is neither comfortable (as the straps show through even a t-shirt - which is not ideal for anyone) nor supportive. In fact, I look worse than an 80-year-old woman letting her boobs hang low. It's the WORST. A sports bra would be a thousand times better (although a sports bra makes you look like you have a brick chest - ugh). I feel like I was ripped off and deceived. Shame on you, Ahh Bra, for your false advertisting and for letting me feel like your product was the answer to my problems. You are lame. I hate you.

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