Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Scott Caan

I first met Scott Caan at the Emmy awards last year as he was leaving the theater.
It was cool because we made eye contact as he was walking out, but before he came up the stairs, and I motioned to my camera as a way to ask for the picture. He nodded yes and then made his way over to me. Yay! I'd always heard he was super nice, but I was really stoked to see it in person. You see, it's a madhouse at the end of the Emmys when everyone is leaving the theater, so he could've just said no and walked on by.
This past weekend, Heidi and I made our way over to the Falcon theater where Scott is acting in a play that he also wrote (way to go, Scott!). As expected, Scott was incredibly kind and cool to everyone in the lobby. I like that I now have a picture with him clean-shaven and one with him a bit gruffy. :)

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