Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bachelor Bitching

Longtime readers of my site might remember that I used to do a weekly recap of The Bachelor / Bachelorette whenever it was on. It's true, there was a time that I loved these shows and looked forward to watching them anytime they were on.
However, my love affair with the series stopped right around the time I realized that all roads from the time Brad Womack was first the Bachelor led right back to, well, Brad. At this point they might as well call it Brad Womack's The Bachelor. Seriously. One day I tried to link everyone from Brad forward using the Biblical style (as in Brad begat Deanna who begat Jesse who begat....well, you get the idea...and, yes, I know begat is the wrong word. It was just an example) and I figured out that EVERYONE is traced to Brad. If that weren't brad, I mean bad enough, THEY BROUGHT HIM BACK AGAIN!!!! Come on, ABC, surely there are plenty of eager men out there that won't screw up their chances not once, but twice. 
Speaking of people who can't take the hint, Ali, your 15 minutes are over. Please fade into the background of obscurity forever. Yes, you were cute and bubbly and we were all rooting for you, but I don't give two craps about what you think about the current season. Stop pushing your opinions on everyone on Twitter. We don't care. We're not going to read your blog. We don't care about your review of the season and I really don't want to know your predictions. You left Jake for a job you ended up quitting, then you never even married Roberto, so your opinion is, well, less than relevant. Please go away.
My one thought about this season's Bachelorette? This is my prediction about who Emily will end up with. Just sayin'.

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