Thursday, June 21, 2012

Facebook Would've Driven Me Crazy in High School

Considering I can't even begin to think of the horror caused by having regular access to the internet when I was in high school, it's even worse to think how I'd handle (read: I would have been a nightmare - changing my relationship status every five minutes) having Facebook during all the teenage drama.
I mean, let's face it - I really don't feel all that much more mature now (at least emotionally), so I'm still finding trouble around every corner. Wait, what? Me? Little ol' innocent me? That can't be true, can it? YES.
This week has been particularly challenging because I don't feel very well - I had my terrible headache, I'm tired, I've had a few bad days, and when I have downtime, I like to peruse fun things online. Apparently, in my delirium caused from the headache (yeah, let's go with that), I've found pretty much every ex-boyfriend and crush I've ever liked on earth on Facebook. Oh, and all their pictures of their happy lives/wives/kids/girlfriends/etc.
Do I want to see that? No. Do I obsessively look at every picture, read every post, and memorize every detail of their lives? Of course not. I'm not completely crazy (OK, I am a *little* maybe half of that is true).
When you care about someone, of course you wish them well and you hope they're happy in their lives. I guess I just wish I didn't have to "see" their happiness. Yes, I know it's self-imposed and I'm a masochist and doing it to myself....I admit it. I have no excuse. Still.....yeah, I've got nothing. Except groan.

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