Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinky's Fandance - Todd Grinnell

Sometimes I think my mind stores the most random information ever and seeing Todd Grinnell only solidified that for me. You see, Todd starred on one of my favorite shows back in, oh, 2006 called Four Kings alongside Seth Green and Josh Cooke. Despite the series being incredibly short-lived, I can apparently still see all of the characters clearly in my mind and when I saw Todd walk by it was like we were besties. Of course, I couldn't remember why at the time, but I knew I knew him. 
Luckily, Todd was incredibly cool and even introduced himself to me! Still, it took some sleuthing on my end to determine what show it is I knew him from, but no matter. Four Kings was awesome and it's a shame they took it off the air. On the plus side, at least the guys are nice and still working!

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