Monday, June 18, 2012

Migraine = Grumpy Pink

On Saturday afternoon I was struck down with what quite possibly could be called The World's Worst Migraine. Now, I realize I say this every time I get a migraine, but at the time it feels entirely true. I'm so unable to function that I want to cut off my head for the second of relief it would provide.
Unfortunately, a neverending migraine also means that sleep isn't pleasant and, likewise, your mood is foul. Yesterday I should have been forcibly sequestered into a tiny, dark room with ice (for my head) to avoid the unpleasantries that arose from dealing with me in the slightest amount. Yes, I was that bad. My sister's family ran out of our house screaming because I was so awful to be around. I'm not proud of that; just stating a fact.
My poor dad had to deal with it on Father's Day. I hope I wasn't *too* terrible. I know I wasn't any fun, but at least he can relate to my pain as someone who also suffers through terrible headaches.
There were people I wanted to call, things I wanted to do, friends and family I wanted to reach out to in honor of Father's Day; but, unfortunately, none of that happened. I'm lucky I got out of bed at all and even that was unsatisfactory. If I didn't have a dog that needed walking, I would still probably be in bed this minute.
Today the headache still lingers, although it's much better than it was yesterday. At least I'm able to (sort of) think today. Sort of. We'll see. There's still an entire day ahead of me. Wish me luck to get through it (and rid of this blasted headache!).

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