Monday, June 11, 2012

Franco FAIL

I'm not sure if I told you, but one of the main reasons Heidi came out this weekend was for the opening night screening of James Franco's movie, Sal, at the Playhouse West Film Festival. James was scheduled to have a Q&A after the film, as well as on Sunday after a few of his short films played. Heidi LOVE LOVE LOVES James Franco, so it made total sense to come out and support him.
Sadly, James didn't feel the same way and didn't even make it out himself. Harsh. While we did still attend his movie (since we'd bought tickets), the best thing I can say about it is that we saw this amazing little squirrel on the way to the film. The squirrel rocked.
On Saturday we hit up the James Franco Rebel exhibit at MOCA. Um, I have one word for this exhibit: WTF?!?!
Heidi asked me what I expected and I told her a nice little tribute to James Dean. Hello, it was called Rebel.
Instead, there was a lot of blood. A lot of feathers. A lot of images I'd rather not see again.
Still, it was cool to see various signs and how they attempted to recreate some Hollywood locations. I'll give them that.
It's times like these I'm reminded that I came from a small town because I seriously felt very country bumpkin in there.
I *may* have run out of there screaming and crying. Possibly. OK, maybe that was just inside. But, I wanted to!

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