Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Madness

While I'll admit to being somewhat fascinated by the Royal Family - especially the late Princess Di - I can assure you that I won't be up at 3am watching the ceremony (um, and with the invention of TiVo, why would anyone need to?).
We didn't get up during the wedding of Charles & Diana, but I kinda always wish we did - then again, it was a different time. No TiVo. Plus, I was only eight. What did I know?
In honor of the big day, here's a collection of some of the wildest wedding souvenirs. Starting with...a deli tray? Tasty.
Why why why would this bed set appeal to anyone?
Now this is something I could get on board with. Except I wouldn't make Camilla. She gets nothing.
Why does this coin look like a reverse x-ray? It's super creepy.
OK, this would set off a red flag in my book.
Teabags? Really?
Seriously, even Kate and William wouldn't want this fridge in their castle.

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