Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dogs for Dummies

So, apparently at the pet store they can help the clueless puppy owners like myself with a series of books for dummies.
Thank goodness - because I seriously have no idea what I'm doing here. We grew up with cats, so I've never really even been around any dogs for long periods of time, let alone a puppy. What do you do with a puppy?
For now, I'm enjoying when he gets tuckered out and crawls up to sleep on me. It's hard to make out, but here Sammy is sleeping on my leg (and if you're wondering if Sammy pics might become a daily feature - I can't confirm or deny that. He's just so stinking cute!).
Hopefully, I'll have a chance over the weekend to read these tips for dummies during one of Sammy's naps. We'll get him housetrained yet.

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