Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun with Captions

In honor of my super exciting adventure to see my beloved Duran Duran once again on Thursday (or, as I like to call it, tonight) I thought we'd play a little game.

You know I'm beyond thrilled to be reunited with my secret (sadly, even secret to him) boyfriend, Nick Rhodes.

Look at him - he's the cutest.

So, I think we should all take turns captioning this photo of my beloved Nick in my beloved color. OK, I'll go first. Above his head it should read, "Yes, of course, I love Pinky Lovejoy more than life itself. In fact, I'm wearing her favorite color in order to prove my deep and abiding love for her." Oh, Nick, you're too sweet. See you soon! (Editor's note: It's 3 a.m., I'm running on zero sleep, and *might,* possibly be a teensy weensy bit delirious).

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