Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cougar Town: WIN

What's fun and exciting on a Wednesday night in Hollywood? How about a Q&A with the entire cast of the hilarious Cougar Town? Yes, that's right, the ENTIRE cast.

How excited was I to finally get a picture with Courteney Cox? Beyond thrilled! She was super nice. Love her. Love her character, Jules, on the show, as well.

Brian Van Holt, who plays Bobby on the show, was awesome. I first met him at Sundance a million years ago, but never got the pic before.

Although Busy Phillips was right next to me tonight, I didn't ask for yet another picture because I already have three pics with her. Even Laurie, the character she plays, would think that was excessive.

Josh Hopkins, who plays Grayson on the show, is always the cutest. I love how cool he is to fans. Like how Lindsay photobombed me in the back? A-hem.

Christa Miller was probably the least friendly of the group, which totally surprised me. I mean, she was OK, but I guess I expected her to be way more like her character, Ellie.

Ian Gomez, who plays Andy on the show, is always amazingly nice to fans. Even tonight he was the last one left posing with fans,

Dan Byrd, who plays Travis, is also super sweet. The sun started being a bit of a challenge around this time.

Bill Lawrence (who also just happens to be married to Christa Miller) is the genius behind not only Cougar Town, but Scrubs, as well. In other words, the man has some mad, mad writing skills. Love the show, love the cast! SO stoked!

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