Friday, April 29, 2011

The Ridiculous Hat Club

Now, I realize England is a long way away, but does it happen to be in outer space? No? Then why are all the wedding guests dressed like aliens?
Yep, nothing will say they're the sane versions of Fergie & Andrew like crazy, wild hats.
Is that a flying saucer?
Why does this picture make me crave butter?
Is she a unicorn?
This hat seems a little, oh, young for her....bless her sweet little prune face.
Is it another flying saucer? Or some sort of religious garb?
They had cha-cha-cha dancers at the ceremony?
Is she wearing a boat on her head?
Finally, someone pulls off a glamorous look.
Is that some sort of miniature hat?
Does her hat get satellite TV service?
Are these the leftover hats from the Teletubbies?
Surprisingly, Posh & Becks look quite posh.
Another saucer? Fantastic.
I think she needs a bigger least one to shield her face.
I think she might set sail after the reception.
Now, that's quite a bird.

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