Friday, April 22, 2011

Duran Duran Redux

On Record Store Day this past weekend, Mikey picked me up this amazing 7" single of Duran Duran's brilliant new song, "Girl Panic."
Just look at my new record in all its glory - it's brilliant, I tell you! Now if only it had autographs on it...
While we're on the topic of DD (then again, when am I not?), I thought I'd share a few of the pics that my BFF Lanette took at the concert last week. You know, the one where we were in the front row. ;) The picture above is one of my faves - especially with the pink background. Love it!
Here's my TLF, Nick Rhodes, playing the keyboard and stealing my heart.
John Taylor and Simon LeBon belting out the tunes.
That's funny, how did another Nick pic get here so soon? Odd.
Simon LeBon in all his glory. Say what you will, but the guy's an amazing performer and frontman.
John Taylor and Dom Brown...with some Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor in the background.
Simon LeBon walking to the van.
John Taylor briskly walking by us. Need him to stop! Please....
Roger Taylor signing some autographs.
My TLF Nick Rhodes - the nicest and cutest one of all of course, I *might* be biased).
Oh, have I shared this before? Huh. Well, let's just admire him again. Look at my arm around him...WIN!

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