Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is He Stalking Me?!?!

Last night at the awesome Janet Jackson show (which I'll tell you all about tomorrow....just super tired today), I once again ran into the adorable Erik Estrada.

Just as he did the last time we met, he pulled me in for a super close snuggle...I think he was more excited about the pic than I was! ;) OK, maybe not, but I do love the happy expression on his face.

Here's the picture uncropped - I love that we look like the only two people in the entire amphitheater.

On my way home from LA today, I stopped briefly at a store in Sherman Oaks and who did I see riding his bike?

That's right...Erik Estrada! This is getting to be a bit of a habit (which, obviously, I couldn't's still Ponch, after all). I can't tell if this means we're dating, or if he's just stalking me? Ha - I wish! ;)

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