Monday, April 11, 2011

Decisions - A Tribute to Corey Haim

Last night I attended the premiere of Corey Haim's last movie, Decisions, which was also deemed to be a celebration of his life.

The premiere had a huge attendance list, which I thought was so cool. Corey's mom was there, but she looked so sad, it kinda broke my heart.

My super cute friend Lindsay (from and her hubby met me there so we could stalk, er, I mean, hang out together. :)

The person we were probably most excited to see was Corey Feldman - who was Corey Haim's BFF and frequent co-star. Even though I'd met him a few times before, I've never liked our pictures together, so I was happy for another shot. Plus, he signed my Goonies DVD. Hooray! It was a fun night, made even better by having Lindsay and her hubby there. :)

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I Am Not a Stalker said...

Awww had so much fun with you, too!!!!! Thanks for inviting me! :)
- Lindsay