Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Sunday Edition

It's always nice to be proven wrong by some idea you have about someone - especially a celebrity you admire. Over the years I've had several celebrities act in a completely opposite way than I expected. For example, SJP was incredibly nice (when I expected her to be a total bitch) and Kelly Clarkson was a total bitch (when I expected her to be incredibly nice). Oh, have I mentioned Kelly Clarkson before? Last night was no exception. As we previously discussed, as excited as I was to see Norm MacDonald, I was afraid he was going to be a douchebag. I don't know why I had this in my head - perhaps from talking to others or just assuming he'd be that way based on his dry wit and sarcasm. All I know is that I was completely and totally wrong. Norm was such a sweetie. I couldn't have been more thrilled by our meeting. Ruthie was great to go along with me to the club and put up with all my plotting to get a picture.So, there were two shows last night - one at 8 and one at 10. We decided to go to the late show, so as to have a better chance at getting the picture. I went early, hoping to see him outside between the shows. Sadly, that didn't happen. I did to get there. I did talk to someone who worked at the club who said Norm was really nice and then I had a friend who was one of the opening acts who said he could get me a picture after the show. As great as that was, I still wanted to get the picture before the show. I ended up writing him a note which I was going to have someone take to him asking for a picture (but then chickened out at giving it to someone). Luckily, I saw Norm come out of the room and watch one of the opening acts, so I made my way back to where he was and tapped him on the back. I told him I had a note for him (yes, I'm 12) and he said, "You wrote me a note?" And I said yes because I was too chicken to ask for a picture. We ended up taking our picture in a room nearby and I told him that Weekend Update hasn't been the same since he left SNL; he said I was a sweetie and gave me a hug. Dreamy! He was hilarious when he went onstage - I'm so stoked about the whole thing.

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