Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where Are The Adult Underoos?

When I was little I had some Wonder Woman (I think) underoos and thought they were the greatest thing on earth. I remember proudly wearing them under my clothes thinking I was practically invincible because I was protected by the shield of the underoos. My siblings and I all had them - my brothers, of course, were Batman and Superman. I don't know what my sister was (Supergirl?). We've got a picture somewhere (no, I'm not going to share it) of all of us posing (I'm talking superhero poses here, people) and it's hysterical. We really thought we were hot stuff in those underoos. Which leads me to my next question: Why aren't there underoos for grown-ups? No, lingerie doesn't count. I'm talking about actual adult-sized underoos that can be worn under your clothes. Who wouldn't want to walk around all day knowing you were secretly Wonder Woman under your boring work clothes? That would be the cat's meow.

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Kate said...

I also had a pair of Wonder Woman underoos. I remember the bottoms were blue with white stars and the top was like a tank top and it was red with the gold wing things on it. I too thought I was hot stuff.

Maybe we should bring them back for adults... We'd make bank!