Friday, November 20, 2009

Big News in the S - L - C

Last night I hung out with McP and, not surpringly, we watched The Little Mermaid. My favorite part (aside from watching her dance around to all the songs) was when she went to get her Ariel wig so that I could put it on her. How cute is that wig? So funny. But the most exciting part of the evening was hearing her say PINKY. She said some other words as well (Ariel and cracker to name a few), but I prefer Pinky.Speaking of big news, guess which town FINALLY got an In-N-Out Burger?!?! I'd heard it was coming, but didn't realize it actually opened last night. The news said the lines were three blocks long, which didn't sound too fun but I really wanted to go. So, around midnight Gabriel and I decided to drive out to In-N-Out for a midnight snack. Can you believe he'd never heard of it before? Now, as a true blooded Californian, of course I love In-N-Out; however, truth be told, I love Jack in the Box even more (you remember - we've already discussed my deep and abiding love of Jack in the Box). Still, for some reason the hamburger and fries tasted even better when being consumed from an In-N-Out located in Salt Lake City. I can't really explain it, but it was fantastic. Now, if only someone could start working on a Jack in the Box....

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