Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really, People Magazine? Really?

Really, People magazine, really? This morning they announced the Sexiest Man Alive and, once again, the title was bestowed to Johnny Depp. OK, let’s get one thing clear: I think Johnny Depp is hella sexy. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers in a million years. BUT, he’s already had the title. Can’t they share the wealth? I saw a sneak peek of some of the other contenders and I must admit I’m left scratching my head. Who picks these people? First, let’s start with the good:Gilles, yes PLEASE. He was hot on Sex and the City, he was amazing on DWTS, and he's recently been steaming up the room on Brothers and Sisters. He's just a whole lot of yum.The next thing they did right? Include the hotties from Glee (especially my personal favorite, Matthew Morrison). Are they in the Flamingo Hilton? Because Matthew Morrison + Flamingos = One Happy Pinky.Finally, their Number One correct pick (in my opinion, that is) is Bradley Cooper. How did this guy not win?!?! He starred in like 67 movies last year (only a *slight* exaggeration) and he's like sex on a stick. HOWEVER, let's review some of the duds:Robert Downey, Jr.? Really? Admittedly he was somewhat hot once upon a time, but as the picture above attests to, not so much anymore. Sure, he's talented and he's got the new Ironman movie coming out, but come on. FAIL.John Legend? Really? Um. I have no words for that. FAIL.Nick Cannon? Really? Sure, he's married to Mariah Carey, but he also starred on Good Burger. Need I say anything else? FAIL.Jerry O'Connell? Really? Let's be honest: No matter how much he does, he's always going to be known as the fat kid from Stand By Me. And pumping gas in a speedo? Blech. FAIL.Adam Lambert? Really? Now, if this was for the Most Interesting People Alive, then I could possibly understand. But sexy? Mark me down for a no. I'm not even the *slightest* bit attracted to him (and he's gay, so that should show you how un-sexy he is - as I'm attracted to all gay men). FAIL.

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BeatlesDiva said...

I had a hard time reading your post, there's just too much eye candy on here :-)