Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think I need to see a doctor, as I’ve apparently contracted a wicked case of Work-i-tis. Case in point: I’ve felt terrible all week at work – sore, achy, runny nose, a little cough, and just an overall general malaise (you know the drill). It felt like an impending cold was on its way and I didn’t really question it, as there’s nothing my body hates worse than the change of seasons and the temperatures just dropped to freezing in the past week (hence, my cold). However, something strange happens when I leave the building. I feel FINE. Not just OK, not just getting by, I feel really good. As soon as I walk to my car I feel better; once I get home it’s even better than that. Last night I stayed up late but wasn’t even tired (and my scrapbooking is now all the way to January – applause applause). I expected to be in bed today – at least sleeping in some extra hours to recover – but, nope. Felt fine. So, I left for work. And do you know what happened? Driving to work, my nose started to run, my cough started up, and by the time I was at my desk I’m congested, tired, and have all the previous symptoms mentioned. WTF?!? HELP!

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