Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Tragedy in Three Parts

This might surprise you, but I happen to be a big fan of Sharon Stone. While I realize she's advancing in age (aren't we all?) I think she's still ridiculously beautiful and when I sat a few rows in front of her at Sundance one year, she seemed really normal and down to earth (which was the total and complete opposite of Mrs. Douchebag, who made a huge production at the exact same film). But I digress.Now, if this were the only picture of Sharon Stone on the night in question, I would say Kudos, Mama - you're working that leather. However, unfortunately she couldn't just let good enough alone. Of course, from the waist up she's still fairly presentable, but the bottom half....well, the bottom half is something I'd expect more from Lindsay Lohan.However, this look? It's like a circus act. What is she so happy about? Because her reveal was such a horrific choice? It looks like she's wearing undergarments, a sheer curtain, and one of Brad Pitt's hats. Poor thing. Bless her heart.To get my mind to focus on something positive, I present this sexy picture of John Mayer. See, when he's not singing and making "that face" he's actually quite lovely. Yum.

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