Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How You Know Your Day is Going to Suck

This morning I awoke with a start because I kept dreaming about how bad my head hurt. Let me just say this - if your headache is so bad that you're dreaming about taking aspirin, it is NOT going to be a good day no matter how hard you try. I did somehow manage to leave the confines of my snuggly warm bed, although I really wanted to lie there all day and moan. I think I over-crocheted last night, as I'm feverishly trying to finish this monster blanket (and you know how obsessed I get). How do all those little old ladies manage to crochet so much? I need some tips. Once I finish the blanket, I can move onto scrapbooking the entire last year and two Sundance Film Festivals. Now, doesn't that sound like a dream come true?On a different note, I went to a super cool wedding reception with my friend Lu Lu Bell last Friday. I should've taken a picture of the bride's dress as it was incredible. My favorite part was the candy table on the way out. You got to create your own little goodie bag. It was delish.

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