Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wes Is A Slimeball With A Capital S

OK, I finally watched The Bachelorette tonight (thank you, http://www.abc.com/) and my goodness....what a show!
I always love the Hometown Visit show because I think you really learn a lot about the suitors. The only letdown was that they all went fairly well....where was the one trainwreck visit like they usually have? Freaking adorable Jillian - no one can hate her!
Let's start from the beginning. LOVED the visit with Reid's family. He is just the cutest thing (especially with those glasses....YUM). I'm really liking him the more I see them together and it looked like she'd fit in perfectly with the family (although, to be fair, she did seem to blend with all of them).Next she was off to see Michael's family. I loved how quickly she shot down Michael trying to play himself off as his twin (were they really identical? I could tell them apart). I thought they were fun and I know he was smitten, but could he really provide? I mean, doesn't he work as a breakdance instructor? I'm just saying. Do you think the show paid for his sister to come home? Kiptyn's family seemed a little hoity toity at first, but then I kinda got used to them. The hot tub joke was hysterical (but the mom reminded me of the roommate on There's Something About Mary - I don't know why). I was concerned by his comment about not getting engaged. Jesse's family visit was OK, but I was far more interested in his delicious tasty treat of a brother, Jacob (who just happens to be good friends with my dear friend Pants - hook it up, my friend!). How YOU doin', Jacob? There's always been something lacking with Jesse...I can't put my finger on it. I think he's sweet, but he was just missing some component with her.Wes....oh Wes. What a freaking slimeball. Seriously. Originally I couldn't figure out why she'd still keep that lame-o around, but after watching the whole thing, I've got some theories. I think she believed him (over Jake?!? Dreamy, noble, future-father-of-my-children, Jake?!!?) because of the following reasons:
1) His accent/Southern drawl. For some reason it makes everything sound more plausible (even coming out of his lying mouth).
2) He was a VERY good liar....even challenging Jakey-poo.
3) He's got three sisters and a mom who all defended him. Jillian seems like someone who could be swayed by that many women in a room. Also, a guy who only has sisters comes across as more sensitive for some reason. I can't explain it.
4) Oh, Jillian isn't thinking with her brain. Yep, that's the only logical conclusion.
The big surprise, of course, was having Ed back. Welcome back, dreamboat! I loved how she said, "I can't handle anymore surprises" and then he knocked on the door and said, "Surprise!" Too funny. I know it probably seems unfair to the other guys for him to come back, but it was also pretty courageous. Plus, had he stayed to begin with, there's no way would Michael and/or Jesse made it this far. You know it's true. Michael skated in this far on a prayer.I think the previews look good. I'm going to make a prediction: Last two standing (thanks, Jesse, for also having this opinion) will be: Ed and Reid. I could be wrong, but I'm going to hope she pulls her head out and kicks Wes the Slimeball to the curb. It's going to be a great finale! :)

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Meg Rogers said...

My theory, she gets $20,000 from ABC every week she agrees to keep Wes around because it makes for good drama. He is so greasy! Eeeew. I'm with Jesse, I think ABC is prepping us for our next Bachelor, Jake. He is the perfect candidate. Or maybe Ed if he doesn't end up last man standing. I still think Kiptyn has a chance at it though, she has her tongue down his throat any chance she can. I love Chandler, I mean Reid, but I think he is gone next episode. I think it will be Kiptyn and Ed. I bet Wed is dying now that the show is airing and he sees how they edit him. Who's going to want to buy a CD from a complete jackass? Poor loser.