Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Today was an action packed day to say the least. First, I walked to the Farmer's Market to check out my fave necklaces (although I was somehow able to resist buying a new one today - hooray willpower). Then, I picked up my good friend Lu Lu Bell and we went to see My Sister's Keeper (hello, tearjerker supreme). After the movie we went and ate at China Gourmet (yum) and then hit up two malls and found a plethora of super cute clothes to buy. One of my favorite stores (Torrid) pre-approved me for a credit card and so I *may* have gone a little clothes crazy.....but hey, why not? The clothes were way too cute to pass up and now I've got outfits to wear for the next few weeks. Wahoo! I love wearing flowing fun dresses during the summer, so my wardrobe is now packed full of even more dresses. Have I mentioned I love dresses? Oh yeah, maybe once or twice.

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