Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Tuesday Edition

Each year I try to have at least one celebrity as my "festival goal." As the years go by (and a lot of the same celebs come to Sundance), my only real goal this year was John Krasinski. I kinda thought he'd be just walking around and super accessible; instead, he was like this mythical creature no one had seen for the first few days. You see, we've got this "secret society" of picture hounds and we all talk and say who we've seen, what they were wearing, where we last saw them, etc. (stop judging). Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to go into a film and have someone say to me, "Did you see John Krasinski? He just walked by." Score! I knew celebs don't usually stay for the Q&A session after the film (when it's not their film, that is), so I made sure to go into the lobby area as soon as the film ended and sure enough, there he was. Hooray! Now, you'd think that since I anticipated his arrival that I'd be somewhat prepared. But, I was not. In fact, I was a bundle of nerves - completely star-struck, unable to speak, shaking (always classy), and fumbling around for my camera which had mysteriously gone missing into the deep recesses of my purse. Luckily, John was, not surprisingly, the nicest guy ever. He was like, "Hey, no problem, take your time." Love him. What a sweetheart. Now, if only I'd had the nerve to pledge my undying love. Oh, wait. Now that might be crazy (who, me?).

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Kate said...

He's just plain YUMMY!!