Friday, June 27, 2014

Do Not EVER Buy From Sheer Cover Studio!!!

Back in May, I became transfixed with an ad on TV for a type of make-up called Sheer Cover Studio. It looked like an amazing product, so I made sure to go home and order the free trial. Well, things got busy and I never even tried it. Although I'd made myself a note to call and cancel before the end of the 30-days, I forgot. When I remembered a few days later, I was told it was too late, they'd already shipped it, and I was out of luck. 
OK, fine, I'd return it - but I made sure to cancel my subscription and would wait for the $42 refund from the unwanted product they shipped to me. Although I have tracking that shows it was received weeks ago, yesterday I received yet another $35 charge for this bogus crap. When I called to ask why, no one knew anything, no one had the ability to do anything, and they confirmed that I'd called to cancel back in May. If there was a possibility that I would've been charged again, don't you think they should have told me that back then?!?!!? I would've cancelled my card!
Finally someone said they'd have a "supervisor" (apparently the only person who can do anything, although I suspect they get these calls ALL the time) credit my money, but who knows if that will ever happen. When I tweeted my displeasure yesterday, the company sent me a questionnaire to fill out. Um...NO. I'll pass, thanks. It's bad enough I had to call multiple times, ship back the item I didn't want to begin with, and am still out all the money. Screw you, Sheer Cover Studio. You SUCK.

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