Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bike to Work

We live so close now that I can actually ride my bike to work. So far I hadn't (due to not having air in my tires, not having a bike lock, and the weather...), but we finally filled up the air in my tires and I rode to work today!
Mainly the reason is so that I can go home at lunch and check on Sammy. When I rode away today, he ran after me. So sweet.
I even have the dorky helmet to wear. Snooze.
We'll see how it goes after lunch. I'm sure I'll be a sweaty mess. I'm just not used to biking (especially with my purse and in work clothes). 
I should have taken a picture of my actual bike, but this will do for now. You get the picture, right?

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Betty Grace said...

Here's my biking to work routine. I keep at least one change of clothes at work. I rotate the clothes on days that I don't bike. I wear biking clothes to bike in, then I have baby wipes to "bathe" when I get there and a small bag of make-up, perfume samples, etc. I also have a small bottle of fabreeze and spray my biking clothes so they don't stink up my office during the day and I can put them back on to bike home. My bike trip in is 22 miles, so I'm pretty sweaty when I get here. I've starting driving half way and just biking the last 10, but I still like having the change of clothes here and not having to have a backpack when I ride. Oh, I have a bike bag that I just put some cash, my drivers license and credit card in, so I don't have to bring a purse on days I ride in. We are moving to Logan and hopefully I'll just be a mile or so from work and then all this may not be necessary. Biking to work is the best! Welcome to the club. :)