Monday, June 23, 2014

Pinky's Fandance - Wanya Morris

You gotta love celebrities who take care of their fans. When we were at a talk show for Tom Cruise, the band Boys II Men was also on the show. Without anyone calling him over (at least that I could see or hear from where I was), suddenly Wanya Morris (a member of Boys II Men) just started going down the fan line and doing pics and signing autographs for anyone who wanted one.
What a class act! I was super impressed. I had a friend in Utah who used to follow that band, so of course I had to immediately send the picture over to her (she loved it!). Fun day!

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Just Becks said...

Boyz II Men is easily my favorite band of all time. When I finally saw them in concert in 2008, I fangirled so badly that I embarrassed myself. Seriously - I almost left the concert b/c I couldn't keep it together. I'm so happy to see that Wanya is as fan-friendly as I hoped he'd be.