Friday, June 13, 2014

Burning Up

Yesterday was a hard day. I started feeling bad about halfway through the day at work and it only got worse on our way home. The only thing I wanted to do was curl up in a ball on my bed.
When we got home, my fever had just started - it was a little over 99.3. Not long after, I was feeling super hot, so we checked it again and it was 102! That's about when the panic set in.
Over the course of the night, my fever would drop and then spike, drop and then spike (the highest being about 102.7!). All the time I was miserable, of course, and just wanting to sleep. Finally, after a cold shower, a fan, and a cold washcloth, my fever finally broke (or maybe it was just the TLC provided by my loving husband). 
It's funny how health scares provide a wake up call for you. The entire time I was lying there, I kept thinking that I'd give anything to only have the stress of the move to worry about. Today I'm much better (although maybe a bit out of it) and am anxious to start the moving process in one piece! Big thanks to Keith for waiting on me hand and foot - I'm not really a fun patient and he was nothing but awesome. Love you, babe!

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