Monday, June 11, 2012

I Can't Help It If I'm Famous

Two big things happened this weeked - well, starting on Thursday, that is.
First of all, my dear friend Heidels came to visit from SLC for the weekend.
Second of all, I got recognized by a few readers! Can you believe it? Little ol' me....famous!!! Oh, er, wait...let's not get carried away here....This is Brad, he was visiting from Australia.
These two cuties were behind me in line...yowsa! After I totally "pulled a Pinky" and basically told the one in glasses (of's always the one in glasses for me, isn't it???) that I thought he was super fine (why not?), he told me that his friend (boyfriend?) in blue read my site. What now?! Two readers in one day? I'm the most famous woman alive!! OK, again, maybe getting ahead of myself.
Aren't they the cutest? My apologies for flaking on their names....they told me, but the blonde couldn't keep it in. Ugh.
Brad was even able to meet my super cute friend, Susan, who'll be going to Australia later this year...who knows...maybe love is in the air? :) LOL.

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