Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watch This: In Time and Best Friends Forever

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching two things I really, really liked. The first was a sneak preview of the new NBC sitcom called Best Friends Forever. I'd seen the trailers, but wasn't sure if it'd be something I'd enjoy. Sometimes sitcoms can all start to feel the same, but I really enjoyed this one. It perfectly captured a quirky friendships and how to intertwine your love partner with your BFF. The characters felt real and I liked their chemistry. I look forward to watching more episodes in the future. The second thing I really liked was the movie In Time. I remember wanting to see this in the theaters, but never got around to it. The premise is quite thought provoking - everyone lives 25 years and the currency is time. There is no money, only time. You could be 104 years old, but still look 25. Everyone has this clock on their arm which shows how much time they have left. It was interesting to say the least. Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake have great chemistry and the film kept me interested the entire time (plus, left me pondering afterwards, which is always a great sign). It's at Redbox for $1.29. Check it out!

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