Friday, April 20, 2012

Work Crush Activated

So, the exciting news to report is that I officially have a Work Crush. The bad news is that, apparently, I've been out of the game so much that I have absolutely NO game. No game at all. Last week I attempted to invite him to an event where someone he really likes was going to be. But, instead of just asking (like a normal person might), I just beat around the bush and hoped he'd invite himself along. It made sense in my mind until I relayed the story to my friend and she was like, "How would he have known you wanted him to go?" Oh, duh.
Maybe it's better to just keep it as a crush-fr0m-afar, as we all know I'm the World's Worst Dater and would find some way to drive him away within 2.5 seconds. Sigh.

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