Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pinky's Fandance - James Spader

Once in awhile you have an encounter that is so unexpected, you're overcome with joy and excitement. Tonight Lindsay and I totally geeked out over James Spader right in front of him and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Of course my love for James began when he played Steph on Pretty in Pink. After that, I've loved him in Boston Legal and currently on The Office, but he'll always be Steph to me. After he agreed to the picture - he agreed to the picture!!! - I'm pretty sure I squealed, "It's Steph!" and then Lindsay and I started jumping up and down...all before he'd walked away. Oops. Yep, that happened. Thankfully, it looked like James was entertained by our happy dance...I still can't believe I met Steph! SO STOKED!!!! Best. Surprise. Ever.


timetraveler said...

Love your picture of James! I had the chance to meet and talk to him when he was on Broadway in '09 and '10...a very nice guy, indeed.

Where was this picture taken?

It appears from your photo that he has had a haircut since completing The Office. If so, that makes me happy. :)

Vanilla Rose said...

Yay! I share your joy!