Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Jason Biggs

Now, I realize I just barely wrote up my report of meeting Jason Biggs for the first time a few weeks ago, but, if you think about it, his name was barely mentioned at all. Basically he was a gateway for me to talk about my quest (is that too strong of a word? It makes me feel crazy) to meet his hysterical and witty wife, Jenny Mollen Biggs.
Don't get me wrong - I've talked ad nauseum about my love for the American Pie movies (and even went and supported their opening weekend, thankyouverymuch) and especially Jason's character. I was THRILLED to meet him at his premiere. But, I didn't actually *mean* to meet him again. That is, I wasn't going out of my way. Crap, that sounds bad; I apologize. Nothing against Jason at all, but waiting for a guest at a talk show is a long haul. I have to REALLY REALLY want to meet someone to commit to that amount of waiting because if they don't come over when the arrive (and they rarely come over when they arrive), you have to wait hours for them to leave. Now, I did briefly consider going for Jason (and totally would've had I not gotten the picture at the premiere), but it was really only a secret ploy to, once again, try to meet his wife, Jenny. Still, love her as I might (really? now we're throwing love into the mix? I should be shot), I couldn't fully commit. Plus, there was something else going on that night and I found myself attending a premiere a few blocks away instead. Here's the thing - the premiere got done early. So early, in fact, that I had plenty of time to mosey on over to the talk show and try to meet the guests (read: Jenny) and maybe Lionel Ritchie, who was also on the show. Eh, why not. I was already in town, right? Jenny had posted a pic of Jason at the talk show, which confirmed she was in attendance. I was almost positive she'd walk over with Jason and his handlers.Sadly, when Jason came over (on a side note: thank you thank you thank you, Jason, because you were amazing with the mob scene that shortly ensued), Jenny was not amongst the people walking with Jason. DRAT! Still, to be sure, I kept calling out, "Jenny! Jenny!" like a mad woman. I think people thought I was channeling Forrest Gump at one point, as the girls behind me kept saying, "Um, who's Jenny?" in really bitchy stuck-up girl dialect. I wanted to turn around and say, "How can you even consider yourselves Jason Biggs' fans if you don't even know his better half?!!? Don't you know how freaking funny she is and how secretly we're BFFs even though we've never met?!!?!" But, I resisted. They weren't worth my breath. My evil go-to-hell death glares, yes, but not my breath.
Crap. I seem to have hijacked Jason's recap once again with my story about Jenny Mollen. Oops. Jason, my apologies. Also, a big high five on the film (loved it!) and for being really, really out-of-this-world cool to your fans. They didn't have the barricades set up properly and he handled it like a champ. Nicely done!

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