Monday, April 16, 2012

One Week Until Takeoff

With my big trip to London only one week away(!!!!!!), my anxiety is starting to kick into HIGH gear. Basically, it's on the highest alert possible.

What, exactly, am I worried about, you might ask? Here are the Top Three things:

1) I'm deathly terrified to fly. I hate it. I don't trust the plane. I don't trust it to stay in the sky. I hate it. Have I mentioned that I hate it? 2) I'm going to miss my dog. I remember when I first met my friend from London after she'd been in America for a month. She was DYING over missing her dog and I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about (obviously this was way before Sammy). She was constantly talking about missing her dog and I was like, "Um, it's a dog." Well, now I get it. I can't imagine being gone a whole month! A week is going to kill me.3) I wonder what I should wear when Nick Rhodes picks me up from Heathrow airport? HA! OK, maybe I'm only wishing I had this that would be a problem at all?!?! :) All I know is that I'd be wearing a BIG OLD SMILE!!! :) And probably tears. Yep, lots of tears.

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