Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skip This: The Lucky One

There's nothing I hate more than looking forward to a film and have it totally suck. Even worse? Being SO excited for a film and going go see it the day it opens only to be bummed the whole time at the waste of time it turned out to be. Needless to say, I was super psyched about seeing the new Zac Efron movie. Sadly, I turned out to be the UN lucky one for having to sit through this garbage.
In case you were thinking of seeing it, here's a recap: Zac looks like this. A lot. I think he might've been constipated for the entire film because this is the same look he had from beginning to end. To combat Zac's surly look, this girl was either pissed off or crying the whole time. My favorite part was when Zac told her that he'd WALKED FROM COLORADO TO LOUISIANA for no reason at all except he "liked to walk." Um, what?! That happened within the first ten minutes of the film - and that's about the time the movie lost me. Run off and play with Forrest Gump, Zac, because I no longer believe you're real.Oh, look. Here's Zac looking very serious and stern. Yawn.
Truth be told, the movie was *almost* saved by the promise of a naked Zac. Unfortunately, he was only naked for like 30 seconds - much too short to erase the garbage that was the rest of the film. Now, granted, it's a Nicholas Sparks movie, I should've expected a bunch of crappy schmaltz, but this atrocity was worse than my worst nightmares. FAIL.

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