Monday, April 23, 2012

LAX ---> SFO ---> LONDON

In a few short hours I'll be leaving on a jet plane for LONDON!!!! I'm so excited / nervous / terrified - but it's all going to be great, right? Right?? Not sure how the internet will be, so I'll be updating when / if I can. Leaving you with a parting shot of my adorable puppy, Sammy, as I started crying saying goodbye to him this morning (FAIL). In response he tilted his little head as if to say, "Are you OK?" So sweet! Big thanks to my dad for watching Sammy, Linds for taking me to the airport, my work for allowing me to go, Sundance for accepting my application, my BFF for the ticket, and Katie for being my tour guide when I arrive in London. And, of course, thanks to all of you for the happy thoughts and moral support I just know you're going to send to help alleviate all my flying stress. :) Off to tea time. Cheerio! :)

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