Monday, August 15, 2011

You Say I'm Overly Sensitive Like It's a Bad Thing

This morning while I was sitting at my desk minding my business, someone came up to say good morning and then made the following comment about my breakfast (which was the standard issue bagel and cereal...nothing ridiculous): "Wow, you must be hungry this morning. Are you fasting?" Hey, buddy, shut your stupid, idiot face. Seriously, why would anyone want to hear that first thing in the morning? Or, ever, for that matter? When I said that was rude, I was called overly sensitive. Um, what?
And you know what, so what if I am? OK, I'll admit it, I'm a sensitive person. I cry. I feel. I care. But why is that a bad thing? Why am I being made to feel like this is some sort of weakness? I love the way I care about people. And I'm never going to think it's a bad thing.
Sure, once in awhile, I wish I was a little bit tougher and didn't get my "feel bads" hurt quite so much, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with the person I've become. I don't cheat or lie or try to be intentionally mean. Sure, I can be grumpy and bitchy and tired and what have you. But mainly, I just try to be honest with whatever it is that's going on in my head. And there's nothing I love better than honesty. If that makes me overly sensitive, fine. I'm guilty. But at least I'm not rude to co-workers who are simply trying to eat breakfast. Sheesh.

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