Monday, August 22, 2011

Boys Are Dumb

When am I going to learn, once and for all, that boys are dumb and stupid and not worth my time? Must I have this phrase tattooed on my body so I'll remember? Seriously, haven't I suffered enough? Why must I meet yet another dumbass and suffer through his crap? And why do I always overreact to everything? Is there some sort of pill I can take for that? To be totally honest, I'm not quite sure if my reaction is warranted or if I'm just being hyper-sensitive. All I know is that one day of happy happy joy joy phone chatter wherein someone tells me he's thinking about me all the time should not turn into the next day of
my thinking he's a jerk. He really didn't do (that much of) anything....yet, I want to say, "WHATEVER!" and hang up and go pout in the corner. What is my problem? Maybe this is on me.
Wait, scratch that. He is still a boy, after all. So, there's that. Nick Rhodes, on the other hand, is a man. I think I just need to keep waiting for Nick. Why waste my emotions on anyone else? No one else is worthy anyway. Stupid boys. Bring me a man.

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